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Example Magnetic Resonance Images

Example Magnetic Resonance Images

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Normal anatomy – example images, sagittal sequencecoronal sequence
Menisci  – horizontal cleavage tearvertical tearradial tearbucket handle tearmeniscal cyst
Ligaments – ACL tearPCL tearMCL tearinterstitial ACL tear
Bursae – Housemaid’s knee
Bone marrow – bone bruise
Fractures – tibial plateau
Other – OAOsteochondritis dissecansnon ossifying fibroma

Normal anatomy – coronal sequence
Supraspinatus – partial tearfull thickness tearimpingementtendinitis
Infraspinatus – full thickness tear
AC Joint – osteophytosis
Bone marrow – red marrowbone bruise

Normal anatomy – axial sequencecoronal sequence
Ligaments – scapholunate rupture
Tendons – ganglion

Normal anatomy – example images
Ligaments – anterior talo-fibular partial tear
Tendons – flexor hallucis longus tenosynovitisperoneus brevis split
Osteochondral lesions – talar dome fracture

Achilles Tendon
Normal anatomy – example images
Tear – post repair

Morton’s neuroma

LipomaPanner’s disease

Thoracic Wall
Rib fracture

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