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Partial Tear – Anterior Talo-Fibular Ligament

Partial Tear – Anterior Talo-Fibular Ligament

The lateral ligaments of the ankle consist of the anterior and posterior talo-fibular and the calcaneo-fibular ligaments. These can be torn on an inversion injury. The anterior talo-fibular ligament is weakest and is the first to tear. Shown below is a partial tear of this ligament due to an inversion injury sustained whilst playing badminton (attempting to return a backhand whilst off-balance). The calcaneo-fibular and posterior talo-fibular ligaments are intact.

Axial T2 weighted images:

partial_tear_anterior_talo_fibular_ligament_1 partial_tear_anterior_talo_fibular_ligament_2 partial_tear_anterior_talo_fibular_ligament_3

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