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Rib Fracture

Rib Fracture

The following images were obtained from a professional swimmer several weeks after a heavy fall on a ski slope, whilst ‘hot-dogging’ a mogul field, resulting to a heavy blow on the side. A fracture of a lower left rib is clearly seen, together with callus formation and adjacent pleural thickening/scarring. Immediately distal to the fracture, focal wasting of the otherwise very well developed intercostal musculature is evident (last image), presumably the result of focal denervation. Views of the deeper structures, i.e. kidney and spleen are blurred due to respiratory motion.

Axial oblique (along the course of the ribs), sagittal and axial T1 weighted images are shown:

rib_fracture_1 rib_fracture_2 rib_fracture_3 rib_fracture_4 rib_fracture_5

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